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A Master Key system is a combination of security & convenience. The various levels of keys provide precise control over who has access to what rooms, departments, cabinets, lockers, facilites or areas in a property. The Master Key also known as the Grand Master Key (GMK) is the main key that can unlock all locks in a building. Sub-master keys can also be known as floor masters, that can be handed out to various employees of seniority to ensure each person has access to only their applicable or revelant rooms. Lastly there can be a maintenance key which is below a sub-master key & are great for maintenance managers or employees that require access to rooms such as janitor room, storage room, kitchens, bathrooms etc..

The convenience & benefit of a Master Key system:

  • Increases control while maintaining security

  • Having a single key, saving the inconvenience of carrying around a large ring of different keys

  • Rather than handing out multiple keys for a number of separate spaces, a Master Key system allows one key for staff to complete their particular job

  • Particularly useful in hotels, apartments/condos, retail stores, office buildings & schools where there are several doors & staff constantly entering/exiting through those doors

  • This form of security & convenience is affordable

    While Master Key systems offer a high degree of convenience, it is also important to keep all visitors, residents & employees safe & secure. We advise that only a limited number of people have access to your Master Key system.

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