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Automatic Door Operators

Effortless convenience of a door opening with the push of a button. Beneficial for any commercial, retail or industrial area.


Door Closers

A surface mounted spring-loaded hydraulic device that closes a door automatically. Used in almost all commercial, retail & industrial buildings.


Door Hardware

Various mechanisms used on a door to help it operate correctly. This can include everything from locks, panic bars, hinges, deadbolts, latch protectors, wraparounds & more.


Keyless Lock

The most beneficial factor about a keypad lock is the keyless entry & exit. In addition, keypad locks are also more durable & secure.

glass door.jpg

Glass Doors

Various mechanisms used on glass doors help it operate correctly this can be hardware such as pivots, patch fittings & closers.



Different options to seal an entry door to help make the room energy efficient, by keeping the weather out. Also helps keep any unwanted insects out.

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