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Re-Key Locks

Just bought a house? Have new Tenants? Or lost your house key? Rather then buying a whole new lock, why not just re-key your current lock & have a new set of keys!


Keyless Entry

Why worry about looking for your keys when you arrive at your front door! Put your mind at ease & simply put in your chosen code to unlock your front door!


Patio Door Hardware

Do you have young children you don't want getting outside on their own? Or simply want to be more secure? We have several options for back door security!

schlage fornt door lock.jpg

House Door Hardware

We have various home door hardware available, some are up in our showroom for you to see. There are also many other styles that we can order to fit the style of your home.


High Security Locks

Everyone wants to ensure their home is secure & one of the main ways of doing that is having a strong high security lock on your door. This can prevent the lock from being tampered with & you having key control.




We have a small stock of safes in our showroom, but we can also order them. We will deliver a safe to your home for an additional costs.

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